AHANS was established in the mid-1980's and registered as a non-profit society in 1990. Our Board of Directors has between five and nine members, each of whom is commited to advancing the mission and goals of our Association. While the Board sets policy it trusts our highly qualified staff to get the job done. Sub-Committees and partnerships are established as needed. The lines of communication are short and decisions are made quickly.

We are directly involved in building affordable housing and in upgrading, protecting and better utilizing the province's existing stock. We are a knowledge- and experience-based organization. We do every project well, learn from it, and do the next one better. We are active learners and teachers and gladly share our knowledge and experience through our housing research, education, advocacy and capacity building activities. Increasingly, the work of AHANS calls for freedom of movement and opinion which in turn demand financial independence. We look forward to the day when AHANS is a full-fledged social enterprise.


The current Board benefits from membership hailing from a broad range of backgrounds, each with a history of commitment to affordable housing issues.
Ella Brown, Treasurer
Kathy Moggridge, Chair
Sharon Murphy, Lifetime Member
Grant Wanzel, Lifetime Member
Naryn Davar
Stephanie Mah
Jim Mustard
Kaitlyn Veitch