The lights? Don’t worry about the lights. It’s way too late for that. May 30, 2018

“What’s the housing situation for non-elderly single person households who reside in the communities served by our Rural Advisory Board (RAB)?”

Submitted by: 
J. Grant Wanzel
M. Arch, MRAIC, Emeritus Professor of Architecture, SofA, FofA&P, Dalhousie University, and Director of R&D, AHANS

This study was prompted by a question (above) from our Rural Advisory Board (RAB). Their ‘question’ was said to be straightforward. But nothing is as simple as that. As surely as one thing leads to another, so too did the initial piece evolve into a sequence of relatively focused studies, including: a comparative analysis of four communities (New Glasgow, Kentville, Truro and Lunenburg); followed by a comparative analysis of all of the client communities of the RAB; followed by a case study of Shelburne, NS and its three levels of jurisdiction; thereafter by a clutch of latecomer communities; and most recently via a glance at the labour forces of all of the assembled communities, their rates of participation, -employment, and –unemployment.

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