Health & Homelessness in Halifax: A Report on the Health Status of Halifax's Homeless

November 2012

Welcome to the second edition of the Health and Homelessness in Halifax Report 2012 which will hopefully once again stimulate discussion, generate interventions that will reduce homelessness and ultimately improve the health and lives of the most vulnerable population in our city. Improving the system requires an understanding of all facets of the picture by policy makers, service providers and community groups. It is our hope that this Report will serve once again as an effective tool for change. 

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Housing Nova Scotians: A Fresh Look

March 2011
by AHANs

This document is the product of AHANS's most recent research and policy endeavour. In October 2009, AHANS hired independent researcher and consultant, Charlene Croft to facilitate eight private stakeholder consultation meetings towards the development of an Affordable Housing Strategy for Nova Scotia. These meetings were focused around five questions generated from the information collected during the rural roundtable consultations of 2007. 

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Halifax Report Card on Homelessness 2010 - Second Report

April 2010
by AHANS, Community Action on Homelessness

The Halifax Report Card on Homelessness documents the current state of homelessness, using indicators that monitor changes in homelessness, housing, and income over time. The goal of the Report Card on Homelessness is to profile homelessness in Halifax and to introduce some of the organizations and programs that are working to reduce the impact of homelessness.

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