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Halifax Housing Trilogy

Through a trio of studies, we have hoped to deepen our understanding of housing poverty in Halifax. What does it mean to be ‘at risk’: as a household in danger of falling into housing poverty or as a dwelling unit in danger of losing its inherent ‘affordability’?

Housing in Dartmouth North by Juniper Littlefield

focuses on the circumstances of households in communities of Dartmouth North, seen by many to be the city’s most ‘at risk’ district.

Download PDF • 5.11MB

Community Profiles: A Characterization of Affordable Rental Housing Neighbourhoodsby Adriane Salah

studies several census tracts from across the city covering similar ground on a broadly comparative basis.

Download PDF • 5.35MB

Reading the Remainder Area by Grant Wanzel

deals with the 22 census tracts that make up Remainder Area (RA) of the Halifax CMA. This huge area, home to 25% of the city’s population and 38% of its home-owner households, raises a host of disturbing questions about our current approaches to regional and local planning.

Download PDF • 5.26MB


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